203 – Anchor Nail Clipper / Large size

This package of nail clipper ıs suıtable for nail and toenail cutting. If you pass this chain to the finger, It will help to not drop the nail clipper during the nail cutting. After using the nail clipper, you can hang it anywhere, thanks to the chain on it. 


To prevent cracking in your nails,  before cutting keep your nails in water for a few minutes for soften them. It is recommended to cut your toenails in flat way without indentation and the hand fingernails in an oval shape. Avoid deep cuts. After finishing the nail cutting process, you can shape your nails by filing them.


  • Produced from high quality steel.
  • Has chain for keyholder.
  • Rotatable nail file attached to body..
  • Chrome plated.

Qty in the package: 1 Dozen
Qty in the box: 40 Dozen

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